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Library automation machine @ VinUni Library: Self-Service Scanner

You can use the self - check machine on either the 1st floor or the 2nd floor to borrow or return print books. The 24/7 book return machine at the library main entrance is just for checking in books only.

Self-Services scanner


Step 1: Login computer with your VinUni account, select Czur icon to launch the scanning software; 

Step 2: Click Scan button on the right corner, then wait forthe software to detect the scanner and documents

Step 3: Choose an appropriate Color mode and Processing mode applied to documents;Color modes include Color, Black and White (B&W), Grayscale, Stamps, etc

  • Processing methods includes Single pages, Facing pages, combine sides, etc. 

Step 4: Click Hand button device ( )to scan, wait to see thescan results are displayed on the left side of the screen, click Back   to edit the scanned results. 

Step 5: The edit interface allows you to review scanned results. You  can change the  image color, crop, rotate, rename, etc. the imagesAfter that, select a   format (Word, Excel, PDF, TIFF, etc.) to Export your scanned results. 

Step 6: Save the final files  into the computer, and share them  via your VinUni email

Scan QR code to see the detailed instruction


Please note: All types of copying, scanning and printing are subject to copyright law. It is your responsibility to make sure you do not copy more than you are legally allowed to and for your personal study purposes.