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Library automation machine @ VinUni Library: Home

You can use the self - check machine on either the 1st floor or the 2nd floor to borrow or return print books. The 24/7 book return machine at the library main entrance is just for checking in books only.

What is RFID System

Library RFID Components

An RFID system for library normally consists of RFID tags, a self check-out station, a self-return system/ book drop system, a staff work station, a tagging/programming station, security gate/s, a shelf scanner for inventory/digital library assistant.

1. Security Gate:

RFID EAS Gates are an integral part of the Library RFID Management System and utilize RFID tags embedded in library items. Each lane can track items within approximately a 1-meter range and will trigger the alarm system if an item that has not been borrowed passes through. The alarm will sound and the lights on the gate will flash as a patron passes through with an un-borrowed library material.

2. Self Check Machine:

VinUni Library has two self checkout machines, one located on the 1st floor before the circulation desk, and the other one is on the 2nd floor next to the VR room. These machines can be used to borrow/return/renew items and check your account information by using your VinUni ID card.

3. 24/07 Return Station

The 24/07 Return Station system consists of a book drop with a touch screen and a receipt printer. It allows patrons to automatically return the library documents.